Church History

The history of any church or organization encompasses its origin, its trials, its obstacles and ultimately its accomplishments. However, TOBC can certainly boast of a chequered history.

This magnificent structure had its origin at a lodge in Tableland on 14 December 1968. The late Pastor Prudence Haynes was instrumental in the formation of this church. She was ably assisted by Bro. Merrit and Rev. Carlye Chankersingh.  The church remained at the lodge in Tableland for over 2 years until it relocated to Bro. Jagdeo’s residence in George Village, where it stayed for over 6 years.

As time progressed and the congregation grew, an alternative venue was sought for accommodation. Luckily, a venue was secured along the main road in Tableland. The church remained at this venue for over 4 years. History was again made when the church was relocated to Pastor Kenneth Ragbir’s residence at George Village. Pastor McBarnett held on as pastor for about 1 year until the timely arrival of Pastor Sheriff Rampersad, who served as Pastor for over 3 years.

As the congregation grew, Pastor Ragbir’s residence became clustered and uncomfortable for services. Fortunately a parcel of land in Mantacool Road, George Village was offered for sale by the late Jasram Jagdeo. The National Director of Open Bible Standard Churches at the time, Rev. Junior Yuelle seized this offer and finalized a loan agreement to purchase the said land, which has now been paid in full.

A wooden structure was erected on the site about 28 years ago through the generous and free will giving of the congregation. Time and tide awaits no man and in May 1987, Pastor Sheriff Rampersad left TOBC. On the 11 May 1987, Pastor Dookhan Rampersad took over the mantle of leadership of this church and was officially inaugurated as Pastor on 27 September 1987.

Despite the strategies of the enemy, Pastor Dookhan Rampersad resolved in his heart to continue with the vision envisaged by his predecessors. With a unity of purpose and the cooperative efforts of the congregation the construction of this church started 16 years ago on a Good Friday morning with a bustle of activities as men, women and children worked together to build God’s house. With a meager income of $700.00 per month, we started to build by faith and on 14 May 1998 the dedication of the church took place before a mammoth crowd of over 500 people.

Today, our church has a seating capacity of over 300 and a present membership of over 150 people. Miracles of healing and deliverance are manifested. We currently have a 30min television programme entitled “The Unchangeable God”, which is aired every other Saturday on CNC3 television network at 6:30 a.m.

History is replete with stories of successes and failures but we must be reminded that the only glimmer of hope which propels us into the 21st century: FAITH IN GOD. In conclusion, be reminded that men may come and men may go, but the living testimonies of this countryside church will serve as a beacon of light to this beautiful nation.