Rev. Dookhan Rampersad

Pastor Dookhan Rampersad together with his wife Shantie Rampersad has been serving the members of the church of the Open Bible, Tableland for the past twenty-five (25) years.

Pastor Dookhan grew up in a multi-religious home. His father a Hindu, his mother a Muslim and at a tender age he attended the Presbyterian Church. As he grew up his life was confusing, searching for truth, searching for something to fill the void or emptiness that he felt in his heart. At the age of 25, God step in and filled that void. It was a Sunday morning, after his daily exercise whilst looking at himself in the mirror and listening to a radio broadcast by Rev. Carlye Chankersingh that he gave his life to Jesus Christ. It was that moment the mirror of the WORD OF GOD brought heavy conviction and the reflection of himself in the mirror was contrary to what the Rev. Chankersingh was saying from the Word of God. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and there was an immediate turn around from the world of confusion to a world of purpose.

In the process of time, he attended the Open Bible Institute for three (3) years and received a Diploma in Theology. On the forth year after receiving Jesus Christ in his heart, he took up Pastorate at the Tableland Open Bible Church.

This church is now located at Mantacool Road, George Village, Tableland. Based on the community’s past background, it seemed as if nothing good can come out of here, but with God all things are possible. With a few people and trust in God, we have and continue to see the manifestation of the awesome power of God.

After 29 years of being saved, 25 years in Ministry, the Lord has taken the Ministry on television. Pastor Dookhan is celebrating twenty-nine (29) years of marriage with his beautiful wife. The Lord has blessed them with three (3) children and two (2) grand children.